Your Wine Keeper Since 1982

From A/C systems to wine preservation

Since it was founded in 1956 by Roger Fortier, the A/C systems company Climatisation Fortier Frères was often asked to build elaborate wine cellar rooms.

In the eighties, while condos were growing more popular, Mr. Fortier felt the wine keeping market was evolving. Already a connoisseur himself, Mr. Fortier trusted his business sense and researched the topic further.

At the time, Europe counted a few manufacturers of more compact wine cellar units - better suited to apartment living - but the Canadian market remained open. Mr. Fortier started Cavavin and seized the opportunity.

A family tradition

In 1993, Mr. Fortier’s daughter, Nathalie, graduated from management school and joined the company. Over the years, business grew steadily and an office and showroom were built to complement the production workshop. At the time, our cellars were mostly hand-built: luxury units made of wood and the starting point to the Majestika product line.

In 2000, Nathalie Fortier made a management transition to take over as CEO. In order to meet ever-growing demand, the company was relocated in a modern 30,000 sq. ft. facility, allowing for more inventory and increased production capabilities.

Wine‘s growing popularity

At the dawn of the 21st century, wine became increasingly popular in Canada. People of all walks of life developed an interest for wine tasting and wine keeping. In order to meet demand in this vast industry globalization, Cavavin added new models to its product offering: affordable units built in Asia.

Cavavin - Your Wine Keeper

Now featuring over 500 retailers from coast to coast, Cavavin is still the leading wine cellar manufacturer and importer in Canada, offering exceptional wine keeping and wine service products.